Prof Dr Yvonne Spielmann

Professor Yvonne Spielmann (Ph.D., Dr. habil.) has over thirty years of valuable experience in research, teaching and knowledge transfer in the Higher Education at international level across Europe, the US, and South-East Asia.

Key foci of her scientific profile are: leadership of research, PhD supervision and mentoring, developing international links within Europe and with the US, instigating research networks with partners in South-East Asia and consultancy. She has established new interdisciplinary approaches in media and culture, technology, art, and communication. These contributions receive international recognition and diffusion.
In 2011 she won the Swedish-German Research Prize for Scientific Co-operation.

Professor Spielmann has a substantial track record of collaborative research projects and networking at national and international level and has been successfull in securing significant external funding. She has experience in project management, and the organisation of international conferences. She has taught students of media, film, visual communication, applied and digital arts, and also industrial and communication design and information sciences on all levels across both theory and practice orientated programmes.

Professor Spielmann has extensively served on expert panels, international research and selection committees, and was asked to to contribute to international doctorate committees in and outside Europe.

Milestones of published research outputs are five authored monographs and about ninety single authored articles. Her book, "Video, the Reflexive Medium", (published by MIT Press) was rewarded the 2009 Lewis Mumford Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Technics. Professor Spielmann´s work has been translated into French, Polish, Croatian, Swedish, Korean and Japanese.

Yvonnne Spielmann was appointed Dean of Faculty of Fine Arts at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore, previously Research Professor and Chair of New Media at University of the West of Scotland, and Professor of Visual Media at Braunschweig University of Art.

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