German for Medical Practitioners

for medical doctors from European and non-European countries
working in German hospital and health organisations

Thomas Grünfeld, "Inka II"
Thomas Grünfeld, „Inka II“ (kjubh-Nietenblatt #11) , Germany 2013. Collection Yvonne Spielmann

Practice-related teaching in German language improves linguistic expertise and writing skills. Our training provides knowledge and competence of cultural attitudes and behaviour and makes you fit for any medical patient interaction: medical history, health education, medical consultation, treatment and discharge.


  • Individual language training B2-C1 to acquire professional language competence
  • Targeted language training B2-C1 for foreign medical doctors who have not yet acquired the German Approbation
  • Individual training and preparation to accomplish the language examination for foreign medical doctors
  • In-depth preparartion of the examination tasks with practice tests
  • Oral and written practice tests of practice-related professional language for doctors
  • Professional conversational and communicative skills on the phone and for face-to-face interaction: transform professional language in a way that patients can easily understand
  • Written medical communication and documentation using technical vocabulary
  • Intercultural competence in conversation with German and foreign patients, relatives and colleagues
  • Learn how to respect and value diversity of patients with migrant background
  • Training for presentations and lectures at research conferences, verbal and written technical language skills
  • Learn communicative strategies to solve problems of understanding