Professional Development:
Coaching and Consultation
for Company Employees

Hans-Peter Feldmann, "Ten Poundbill with red nose"
Hans-Peter Feldmann, „Ten Poundbill with red nose“, photo credit: Jan Windszus, Germany 2012. Collection Yvonne Spielmann
  • Training for presentations in international and intercultural contexts
  • Training and advice in intercultural communication for professional practice abroad and intercultural competence to communicate with foreign business partners
  • Coaching for international professional career development and in support of periods of work in Asian countries
  • Training in English and German language presentations, job applications,
    ad hoc lectures
  • Training in the preparation and moderation of panel discussions, panel moderation at international conferences, congresses and fairs
  • Optimisation of media competence
  • Training in strategies of knowledge exchange
  • Management of equality and diversity in the digital age